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^ last week i checked viker-73N on DIESEL shop. viker 73N size it TTS. can go regular your viker size. mine viker washes are 71B,73J,8YM,88Z. these are W31x (L32 or L34).    sorry i dont have 8RQ,73I of viker.  viker 8N1 should be size down.     73N wash is not so great but so nice blue marine color. w/t some crease and honeycomb ,i like it.
^   u konw? viker-88z has 2 types. MII(made in italy) and not MII( tuni? ).  but not so differ btw thoese.           .
/edit   i never see this thread after join this forum.   nowdays: http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/187578/what-diesel-jeans-u-have     should we post here? should close that thread?           .
sorry which pic?   i've never heard "shioner 8t4"..   sellig on US/EU ?
^ do not sell here your item,lol.   use pm!!
^ shioner 8AA  nice fit on u .   so u should change shoes and T, IMO   combo w/t shioner -this shoes looks so fuge -how about simple monotone gray T.  no need two tone color(especially pink & glay, lol )       .
^   yeeeeey, this size of shioner is nice fit on u.   about T&shoes, i comment to WAYWT.   thx for your posting nice fit jeans on u.
plz post here   http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/184493/the-official-find-me-these-diesel-s-super-thread     .
yeah, after commenting this thread   i fount these pics on WDYWT.   plz sell it now ..  u can sell it higher price than u bought( u mentioned that u bought that on cheap price lol.)
^ sorry, KVA's W32(MIJ raw):  "measurement waist aligned" 44cm   and I don't have MIJ raw W31 on KVA's.   I have hedi's one W31('07). KVA's size is differ from hedi's. hedi's one is tighter than KVA's one, as u know .               .
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