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i envy your skinny leg..   so japan is still so hot and swet.(35deg,70%hum)     mii raw is good for summer.    
V-T(japanese) dior mii raw zara's shoes     still hot (35deg, 70humidity) japan. this summer is strange...    
yo augustine.   so nice UMT17.5. UMT's wash are so differ each pair 2 pair. your is so sweet wash. great and nice fit on u.   sorry, r u japanese?  asian? where did u cop UMT?          
^ sorry , which page?  plz let me know the page of DB's Blog page(site address)...    not DB's ?  
mindtheqaspar ???   my that(pre-owned Hedi's MIJ raw) "measurement waist aligned" is 42.5cm.  depend on how many times wearing and washing..     i'm not sure about BNWT size. sorry           .
Oops, i should correct my mistake.. thx for your correction, FcBarcelona!!   comming back from summer vacations?   i know u post sometimes.   so , u don't mind that fuge chemical wash i pointed out red box ?  not so huge?      
  8b9 vs 73J   so 73J's denim quality is so much better than 8B9 u know.   plz hold on 73J.
shioner 8AA?
i hate this wash..   cos i mentioned before   u like?      
^ nice combo w/t upper wear and viker 88Z.   i can't see your shoes well... then, combo w/o shoes is good, imo.       .
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