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^ OK,  body line is different person 2 person.    btw, u had sold "size miss much" thanaz? and buy new one?
^^^^ ahaha   @Zathanic  nice fit safado!! take care for stacking , i know u are just trying on the shop.   @Gpoop  ??  safado is tight for u , but thanaz is ok?  i never herd that.  leg op , safado 19cm, thanaz 17.5cm..  thanaz is more skinny than safado.   @adams  i try to say "plz post pics" but do not,  cos your avatar make me stop to say that lol         .
woow long time no see your wearing pic!!   nice T & dust!! sorry, u had sold dust yet. u bought new dust? size change from W32 to W31?   and Lowky is good design for lady!!        
i like(want) silver common project...     i have no idea for repairing that. but,can u uplaod pic of your CP ?     and next,plz post here for boots/shoes issue http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/157800/the-boots-and-shoes-thread           .
depend on your favor, we can't advice well your favor,  as i can't judge your G/F. lol    which cut u like better? safado or zatiny.  as for Zatiny 8YM the leg opening is small compared to other zatinys.    i have safado-8YM, cos i like safado than zatiny . just only...    after judging , plz post your worn pics....             .
safado?   this is one of the result. http://www.google.com/trends?q=thanaz%2C+safado%2C+viker%2C+Zathan&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0   DIESEL's flag ship cut is viker ( yester kratt ), IMO     i'm not sure...
^ sneaker w/t zip is so cool imo!!     i like it  
^   aha, i know.  so there is no need to rush to DIESEL , just my opinion.  my most favorite is other brand u know.
  viker 8i9 is so better wash in FW10.   i hope that come to ebay (under $180). now ssence $260.          
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