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^ this thread need pics,   no pics no happen.
^ thx,   I'm not so tall. 177cm (5'9 feet)  my dad[185cm(6'2feet)] is taller than me.         .
    YES、 plz ask seller gray card tad ID. sorry, mini-pocket tag is after '09 ver.   sorry i'm not sore this item's ID looks like  8sv wash on DIESEL.       .
not today(yesterday)   z & tricky had already know , maybe fufu     safado-8YM        
^ plz post pics of your scratches on your CP shoes.   that is helpful for anybody who can help u, imo.   u can?
thx for switching to boots thread.
      little bit loose around the thigh!!    
    TOMMY HILFIGER T New Emperor W31,19cm DIESEL suede boots        
have u ever checked viker-71B or thanaz-73J yet?     some times u can find that on ebay.
sell it right now and buy viker 8i9 right now!! lol   i love that !! $260 on SSENSE.
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