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Hi korean members,   if u r join this forum, plz send me private message. i wana find good guy for helping to use korean proxy service.   kamsamnida.
^ aha,   little bit hard to judge good or not.   so, Evil and DK and Frankfaster 's wearing thanaz looks so good . plz check it out.   so i give up thanaz , cos  huge hip and thick thighs , those combo w/t thanaz goes to carrots .   like this(SSENSE) .
Yey Thanaz!!   nice fit on u.     but, thanaz is not "great and best " cut for u,IMO u have same problem like me   would u mind upload pic of back pic?         .
7E3110520198, IMO   http://www.brandnet.jp/item/7e3110520198_500/index.html   http://www.wecanbuy.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=1769&main_cate_no=30&display_group=1     i'm not sure pet name of this item.
I like cotton's jacket like this cut.   I'll check on ebay any item and post  http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/170946/good-finds-ebay-and-online-sites     thx zdenal_cz,
sorry,  that site changing view 0.5frame/sec. so tired to see that.  before click one item, seeing all items view.    but, i guess young guys not tired even though 0.5frame/sec switching view   back pocket, front view, on 20 items on this page.   can u understand?   sorry my badly english.
Wow nice combo!!   would u mind let me know online shopping site of your Jacket ?   i want that.         .
sorry,   just i wana let u know that i'm so tired watching that site.   how about u?   no problem?
  so hard for me seeing that site.     aa, i know  that caused by my aged eye...    young guys has no problem, i guess.     .
@Stevie   u wana know mine?   yes  New emperor.  not so stiff as BNWT MIJ raw but harder than BNWT MII raw.  i like this wash.    u can find more clear pics by google.   exam)    
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