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^^   plz let me know this id for painted sky(bas 19cm) 0H31J0531617   right?     and is your item bas 17.5cm?     btw:  u know this thread ?  http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/153556/official-dior-homme-denim-thread               .
I have both MII and MIJ.    MIJ denim is so nice fab and thinner than MII under the knee.  MII looks so nice gross, like as suits than denim.   for beginner, should go MIJ raw.    
^ if u wana buy diesel jeans on this forun, plz post here http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/184493/the-official-find-me-these-diesel-s-super-thread
sorry, i misunderstand your comment on other forum.      
  http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=47915   sorry, Is the pet name of 7E3110520198 "Find Again" ?     u said, this is "find again" (8E3111740699).  upper item can't be seen hole under the left front pocket.       .
^ wow good times of DIESEL products. plz let me know cut&wash of these.   just i know reyhan(not 8ss) only. lol   onjyo.safado,slammer,viker.....
^ 17.5cm   and plz check inseam length. Dior jeans are almost around 39inch.(96~100cm)     Dior jeans 's leg opening variations are   17.5cm skinny  19cm    tapered  21cm    straight  27cm    selling japan only?  on no hemmed condition.     so, 19cm cut suit u better, IMO         but not so bad, keep that item. .
I wana buy some items on korean online shoping.   Hi korean guys, plz send me pm !!   i'm waiting for your kind.     kamsamnida...
now i have only 5 pairs   left to right safado-8YM viker-8YM viker-71B viker-73J viker-73Y     i sold some safado and thanaz. cos not best cut for me.     Oops i forgot to set up "vike-88z" which i have. then totaly 6 pairs.         .
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