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DDG closed one years ago. had never made new line. N.Y,Tokyo         can find some on eBay.
Hi guys,   I need proxy service on this DIESEL's Signature suede black one on EU43   http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/signature_boots/20233   plz send me PM, if u can find on your local store or online shop.   @tricky... can i go to EU44 ?, my best size is EU43.5 for PS's and N.D.C       thx
^ u like design around the knee of Balmain!?   i'm not so familiar w/t Balmain's jeans , but sometimes i watch hes jeans like bellow pic on Y! Japan auction. and i'm not sure, why some guys pay much money to those jeans...         or more simple's one?       which design does u like of Balmain's jeans ? your posting Zac's wearing jeans?         .
Hi Gpoop   why did u post this pic to this thread(DIESEL) ?     u have some curious to balmain's cut? http://www.denimblog.com/celebs/zac-efron-in-balmain-homme/     or to Zac?   /jk
  black clawmark   other pics, broken your link
I'm here, tricky   i'll post pics WAYWT when i found good upper item...         .
C_Troy's answer are correct!!   @darealwind,  where did u cop your MIJ raw bas17.5cm ?    on ASIA, not Japan but KOREA market sell that.  from that pics on korean market,it looks MII as Kiss'N"Dust said    raw denim on Japan  bas 19,21,27 raw and selvege are selling on Dior boutique on Japan.       no hate darealwind   wow, tony post here.   in these days , i checked this thread only. one/week        
  ahaha~~~, i think so too.. sell some safado(8IW,71J,and so many) and reyhan(8SS) and zatiny(8sv,8IH).           @shonuff yeah,    Great leader and leaders almost like thanaz ( but they had gone away from this forum ).    but there are some reason DIESEL make thoese cuts, no hate.    plz post pics WDYWT !!     @Blue Tagboy  long time no see, how have u been?  i have never your worn pics.... plz         .
^   thx   but, japan has no deliver that pair on Dior boutique. can buy that online shop only. then i can't check that item by on my eye.       .
      so plz let me know,  why u think so? LVR are selling 17.5cm model as "easy run".   how differ from yours and "easy run" ?   yours one is 19cm mode. would be other name "painted sky",IMO   and, Dior Homme thread is not only for raw.   
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