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thanks Liz-as always The inital letting go is hard but i guess it'll be up for sale at HM soon
thanks guys!! 2littleapples - i tried the insoles but i have to face the facts and come to the realization that i can't make my feet a size bigger -- damn good idea though-i'm going to use those for the other sandals and yes the kitty is cute but naughty
yikes-its so bad no one wants to tell me !! :P well anyone interested in a pair of Burberry Wedges?
Asking the husband is not much help so i turn to your honest opinion! I bought these burberry wedges last year however i didnt know they would be too big--see the gap from the back of the shoe and my foot. Now i really like them and still have not been able to find my size--> is there something i can use to make them fit better? (insoles dont work well because its a sandal) or should i give them up? Sorry the pictures are not the best-my cat kept trying to...
My understanding is that if the gift is under $20 then there is no charge- i tried reading the duties and customs before online and it was really convoluted.
I believe its 18% for clothing from the states and maybe sometimes gst on top
I found one in Hong Kong - so many shoes there
Quote: Originally Posted by MissTrish Don't be sorry to vent! Myself and others are super curious about what the 'inside' perspective of Holt looks like. Other than discounts on clothing and apparel, does Holt offer Health and Dental plans to employees? I just moved recently but i believe that i still have the employee handbook-i'll look and see
Alterna! its the best and also recommended by the Vice Pres of intercoiffure canada (the hairdressers association)
Coffee or Tea gets rid of my headaches/migraines fast.......doesnt work for everyone though
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