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thanks girlies!! I got the 1st pair today and love how they fit!!! Now I just need to get a button put back on! The pictures of these on ebay were VERY misleading! I was expecting a lighter wash jean. [/list]
I was worried that the 2 above look similar. But the 1st pair is 98%/2% and the 2nd is 100% cotton! So they are at least a little different. Both are dark washes and have tan/yellowish color A's.
oh..........you guys are the best 1st style number: U130080U-080U 2nd style number: U139961U-061U (ttramell these are yours!) I'm trying to figure out what I've got here!
I tried on a pair of these at a store here and fell in love with them! They had brown crystals on the back. Does anyone know what those are called? I am guessing that there are fakes on ebay How can I tell an authentic pair? THANKS!
Is there anyway to know according to a style number, anything about the jeans?
I sent an email through ebay titled: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. They responded promptly. I've asked for a refund as I was provided with a tracking number that states no scan. One interesting tidbit, my original email from them stated my package was sent via UPS. My email yesterday stated they were mailed USPS. Hummm.....
thanks! alright size 32 girls - I WANT THESE SUPER BAD!!!!!
just got my HAV A's back from Nordstrom. I must say they did a great job with the original hem. I am very impressed! Mine are a 706 cut number and they are a very thick denim. I also have the Aruba's and mine are NO where close to being similar! I can wear either a 31 or 32 in A pockets. The H2's are a 32 because that's all they had. They are actually kinda big. Wish I had them in a 31. I just soaked them in hot water and dried them on high.....so we will see.
or am I being over paranoid?
Quote: Originally Posted by mrstkeller Quote: Originally Posted by ttramell i decided to sell a pair on ebay again Good for you!!! Sometimes I get a pair that I think that I want. . and they aren't 'all that and a bag of chips'. Like my studded flares. . .those might be in honestmall soon . But I can't afford to be spending money on things that only fit me 'ok'. I would rather have 6 pairs that are fantastic than 11...
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