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Yeah i kinda am.
Okay thanks, but i think they look more bad on me when i wear them higher.
  Decided to cop the Safados instead of the Timmens (8e7). They had both at the store, and i concluded that the Safados are tighter than the Timmens.   They may look like they are too big, but i actually had a hard time button these up, so i def can't size down. I would if i could as they are pretty loose down the leg.     Btw, that ain't my floor, the pics is taken in a hotel room;)  
Okay thanks. I think i'll try and see how the Timmens fit in the Diesel Store, otherwise i will order the Safado on the online store. So does anyone know how these run, compared to Thanaz? And if anyone owns the 8e7 wash, could you tell me how much they stretch? Thanks
Thanks for the tip, but prefer straight legged cuts. Do you know if Safado has taper? I have heard it one time, but i don't know if it's true.
But isn't Darron a more tapered/carrot cut?
Can this be settled? I really want the slimmer pair, as Thanaz can be too tight for me, so i want the cut that is closer to Thanaz
Okay thanks cez I've seen the Timmens in person, but i didn't have enough money on me, but i'll have a look at them on friday. You're alright Cez, i was acting wrong back then, and i actually love your fashion sense!
Wow. That Timmen looks amazing. Should i get this or the safado 8e7? I would like the slimmer leg.
Ok thanks
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