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  I have a question to all you Diesel owners who also owns Dior Homme jeans.   Are there really a big difference on quality and fit, because i find Dior more expensive than Diesel?
Okay i will later, but i feel really weird when i wear my jeans high:)
Really nice fit.   I wish i could get my Thanaz 8iw's a size smaller, as mine are too loose.   I also wish mine was a 34 in length (i'm guessing yours are) as imo the more stacking the better on Thanaz;)
I used to buy my Thanazs too big, so i would look less skinny in them, but that don't look good. You can really see how skinny i am in skinny jeans:)   I was thinking about copping the Darron 8e7 but the wash looks a lot more doll than on Safado imo.   I also really love the backpocket design on the safados, but don't you think i would look better if i would have it tapered?. I'm not thinking about a lot more tapered, just a few cm.
Lol Evil Sushi:)   I am actually really skinny. I started to work out like a half year ago, and i have never trained my legs. I think it will make my Thanaz look more bad on me.
I think your right Frankfaster.   Maybe i should think into Darron or Krooley as i think tapered cuts will look better on me.   What do you think about if i have the jeans tailored from the knee down?
The size is 28/32   I weigh 65 kg, but i'm also 182 cm tall, so maybe that's the problem.
  A size smaller. They are extremely tight in the waist.   I know i'll recieve some comments about my sagging, but i cannot imagine not sagging my jeans.  
Lol thanks:)   I'll try a smaller size, but i'll have a really hard time buttoning them.
I'll go back to the store on sunday and try to size down one more time, as i already can feel they are starting to give.   If i can't pull it off, i'll return them.
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