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I find Thanaz backpockets perfect size, and i find Safado backpockets a bit too large.
Are there really any other cuts a bit looser than Thanaz that you can sag?
No they are 28
    Pulled up higher, but not all high it feels uncomfy.  
Ok, but i just think it's weird that some members here don't want to pay like 300$ for a pair of Diesels and wants to pay 400$ or more for a pair of Diors.
Totally agree  ^
I don't think skinny jeans are "hot" on men, it's just more fashionable.
Haha lol good example Sand:)   Thanks that really helped.
Okay thanks!:)   But i wasn't really thinking about getting a pair of Diors i just wanted an reason why people wants to pay more for Diors and own both Diesel and Dior.
Okay thanks. They are just super expensive:)
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