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Have you guys ever seen or heard of these?   They look like PRPS which also is japanese denim.   I kinda like Italian denim more.     http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx#getData.aspx|CallType=Product&prodId=G5U6&des=423&cat=&gender=men&group=&vendorColor=MDg5&season=sale&seasProdID=51I
Wow, thanks for noticing. Yeah it looks so for me:)
I either fold them or throw them:)
Wow! Love the fit of the jeans and waistcoat.
It's hidden in my Thanaz 8lp too.
Ok thanks. i'll try
They are 29/32, but i like this inseam size.   Thanaz i the only cut i wore before Safado and Darron, and the legs are too skinny for me, and i always end up sagging them too much when i walk so there are more room for the thighs. I have not tried Shioner the new cut as i havent seen it IRL.
  I think i have finally found the best cut for me, and it's the Darron (88z on pics)   I kinda feels like the butt area sticks out though.        
  So i am about to cop a pair of Darron 88z's, but the problem is that i think i should go for 28/32, but they only have 29/34 at the store. So i was wondering:   - I have a 28/32 in Safado 8e7 but they also stretched about 2 sizes, so how much will 88z stretch and could a 29 in waist even fit me? Also i sized down really much on the Safados, and now they fit perfectly in the waist now and was uncomfortable in the waist when i bought them. Sorry if it sounds a bit...
You should be excited for those the wash is really beautiful.   I don't know about the sizing compared to those two, but the waist has stretched almost 1 1/2 size so you shall def size down on the waist actually to an uncomfortable size. Trust me they will stretch to perfect size in about a week.
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