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    Looks alot better here:     http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/krooley_8n1_jeans/26926      
  What do you guys think of it? Yay or nay?   http://store.diesel.com/item/realgender/Men/tskay/5AD08E3B/gender/U/rr/1/men/spring-summer//KROOLEY-008N1/cod10/36187625ND   I would really like to this wash on Safado or Darron!  
I like them too:D
I really like this wash. Not sure about the fit though:   http://store.dolcegabbana.com/item/store/DG/tskay/39D3A41C/rr/1/cod10/42149380JO/areaid//sts/    
I think they may actually look good irl.
  Have you guys ever tried on or seen a pair of Dolce Gabbana jeans? If so, how is the quality and fit? I surfed trough the online store, and i find the jeans a little "old man" fitting..lol   So how is it compared to Diesel in terms of fit and quality? They seem to have some pretty cool washes.     http://store.dolcegabbana.com/dolcegabbana/search/Denim/man/season/main/tskay/39D3A41C/c/cat_520/gender/U    
Who are you talking about?
    So there has been all this hype about the BoO shirts as they are really good fitting, but too expensive.   I find Antony Morato shirts fitting the same way as BoO, so have you guys ever tried one of them on?  
I would say 29/32 as a standard for Krooley.   Thanaz looks good when stacked, if that's the case unless you are really really tall, but Krooley looks better not so stacked.   For me i size down one on Krooley, but it also depends on the wash and stretch potential.
The Viker seems kinda strange.   All of mine are made in 08-09.
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