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    I have recently purchased a cardigan and a knitwear sweater from the Diesel online store. I am quite skinny and i found the sweaters quite slim fit at the store. They fitted great when they arrived.     The thing is that when i have worn them for a while they start to stretch and look big on me and i have had my experience with washing my knitwear it becomes short and wide.   So what should i do? Just wash it or is it normal?  
Haha lol
  I don't own that many:     Safado 8e7   Darron 88z   Thanaz 73j   And selling my Thanaz 8lp  
I like them. Doesn't anybody know what they are?
  Wow for 44,91 dollars? That's pretty nice i have been thinking of getting myself, and if they are more snug around waist and crotch it's just for me:)   So what do you usually wear in Darron and what other Darrons do you own and could you please post pics?
I can't find them. Link please.
Are they jeans? is looks like some kind of chino to me. And how do you know it's levis?:D
I fit 29 in 8sv and somewhere between 27-28 on 8lp so you should be ok although the waist will be big on you. But the thighs is also tighter on 8lp than on 8sv in my opinion and 8lp doesn't stretch.
    what are these? I gotta have them too!!!:)
Yes. I wish they would make in Darron.   Have you ever tried on Krooley Sand?
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