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Thanks for the help:)   I don't really feel like tailoring my jeans, because i think is more the crotch/upper thigh area that has become big.
So as the title says, do my Darrons fit right?   When i got them i think they fitted perfectly, tight in the waist though. But they just KEEP STRETCHING AND STRETCHING!   By now i think the waist fit as it should not too tight nor to loose, but i think they look loose down the leg. What do you guys think? Btw, the size is 29/32 so if any of you guys wants to sell a 28/32, please PM me:D     And could please post your fit pics of Darron to compare?;)  
I think they are fake because of the missing italy stripes and name tag
Both real..
They're not even worth 20 bucks. Sorry dude.
What did you pay for them?
I own Safado 8e7.     The best pair i have ever owned. The contrast between the stiching and wash is amazing. The backpockets is also beautiful!
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