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Real and run about a size small!
There is a product called Allerpet C. It is supposed to help break down the dander which people are allergic to and you apply it weekly on the cats. You could always give something like that a try since medicating your son is probably not a good option. Allerpet Inc., Allergy Information Site - Products for People Who Are Allergic to Cats
Here is a similar one: http://www.fredericks.com/product.as...uct%5Fid=70602
My knees also hyper extend and I am not asian. I need to make an effort for them not to go too far back. I always feel like it makes me shorter :P
I also agree on Coscto. I paid about $75 for the contacts exam and they had a coupon at the time for focus dailies so I ended up spending about $60 on a 6 month supply.
A 100% increase is so awful! I can't believe they can go that high! Guess I will do it the harder way and pay it now. Thanks for the advice guys!
So I accidentally backed into someone's car last week and they damage is about $700-$800 with car rental. My collision deductible is $250. I was wondering if it is better to do this out of pocket or go through insurance. I have had my licensce for 10 years with no accidents. Ugh so confused! I just want to see what opinions people have who have been in similar situations. Thanks!
^^also check out myvwlemon.com (may be a bit biased but can see which problems are really common!)
I would personally never get a VW without a warranty. I had an '03 1.8T Jetta and had so many issues with it. I now have an '06 1.5L Jetta and it is great. If you do get a used VW, try to get a warranty and avoid turbo engines.
I have green eyes and bought this kit from stila for fall (but I use it year round) and the colors seem to make my green eyes pop...it is a light gold shade (highlighter), medum brown (crease) and a brown gray color (lid/liner). I saw almay makes these kits and I saw really cute kits from Pop Beauty at Sephora for green eyes (http://www.sephora.com/browse/produc...categoryId=B70)
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