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Zgdiesel, really like your first outfit
Looking very nice fellas, very cool outfits.
^ very nice outfit
^^ looks good to me. Wearing Zathan 73h. Had it tailored to a smaller bootcut (Zatiny)
Just received the Larkee 74Y. I folded the bottom up because it's too long for me, will have it hem up tomorrow.
Larkee would be the most loose fit that is still available in the stores. There aren't may washes in Larkee but 809V should still be available.
Wutzwagg- where did you get those jackets?
Very nice fit on the Larkee Freeradical. Can you tell me how is the Larkee fit compare to Viker please. How's the rise, how's the the thighs? Is it much bigger than the Viker and also the leg opening. Also, I wear 30x30 in Zatiny. Should 30 waist might be big or it should be fine. Tia
Wutzwagg- like your style. Weenie- krooley fits you really well
Polo Sport- old school Dolce and gabanna sport Gucci Guilty Kennith cole Reaction Versace pour homme P. diddy unforgiven YSL L' homme Diesel only the brave Calvin Klien Euphoria Giorgio Di aqua Chanel Allure sport Chanel Allure extreme sport
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