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yeah that tag is pretty bad
Quote: Originally Posted by cbrooke I find that the Jergen's DOES stink, well on me anyway Must not mesh with my body chemistry. I've been using the Neutrogena one in the green tube (?name) I thought that the Jergens one stinks too. I only used that for 3 times in a row and it started to turn my skin a weird color. I have a wierd yellowish undertone to my skin so that may be why it did that.
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell A tip is not mandatory and it's certainly not automatically given upon completion of a service. it's left at the customer's discretion and based upon services rendered and overall impression. i haven't run into very many rude waiters (clueless, yes, but that's different), but they really need to learn that tips are not immediately disbursed at a set percentage just for doing their minimal job...
Quote: Originally Posted by sammiekat Good article. Oh cry me a river! Victoria Beckham just needs to start eating something. now. She is scary looking. Totally agree! If you see her from the front in some photos she reminds me of E.T. I don't like vanity sizing, because then sizes are all over the place but... I must admit, it makes me feel good to "fit into a smaller size" occassionally!
Another short Asian here... The longest hem I own (to wear w/ heels) is 29" so in flats it's around 27.5-28" so I either just cut off the bottoms and keep them cleaned up or I have them hemmed w/ the original and none of them look weird. I have 3 pairs of Joeys and none of them have changed in looks. I think the only way to tell they look diff would be to compare them side by side w/ a pair that hasn't been hemmed.
The bags you linked to are really cute. I don't have a prob w/ "inspired by" bags at all. I would get one just because I know that I wouldn't spend that much money on a real one.
these are the ones that I'm looking at... http://www.knitwitonline.com/item.ph...=cr&ID=decr002
Does anyone have these? If you do, how do they run? TIA! Actually they are crops not shorts...
I'll be 30 in a few months. I'm dreading it a little but probably because I'm not as accomplished in my life as I thought I was going to be when I was a lot younger. It made me realize the things that I haven't done "by the time you're 30." Plus for me it's a wierd in-between time in my life. Not young but not middle age...
Quote: Originally Posted by **qt*pie** somehow I don't like this wash at all ... IMO, the wash is the least of these jean's problems... Those are hideous... nothing like wearing a picnic basket on your butt!
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