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Quote: Originally Posted by darkknight ^I think sushi is wearing diorz. yes, sure. i read it before but confused it anyway. maybe because i saw many perfect thanaz fit on him already... don't know ... edited now.
sushi: perfect jeans fit (as usual) and very good colour combination; knit a tad too tight. don't feel the way you are wearing the collar. all in all very harmonical. darknight: very good jeans fit, but still i favour thanaz over darron when comparing fit on thighs. have to admit that timurs are looking good this time, allthough i prefer the n.d.c boots you had cez: don't feel the leg opening with the flat boots (maybe they would look better with a smaller leg opening)....
^allright, today i finally tried on the ccp tornado boots. i decided definitely not to get them, allthough they had my size. here are the reasons: - the heel is much too high for my taste, so they look a bit like "witch-shoes" from side view - the overall appearance is much too bulky for me - the leather-texture is very different on every pair (on one hand this shows that every pair is a real prototype, but on the other it is like getting almost a totally different model;...
^thanks for your advice. i know that the tornados are unbeatable at the moment, but actually i wanted to hear opinions about the last pair i posted (w/o any comparisons)
yay or nay? btw those are ndc's.
@ darkknight: convinced. just ordered those babies. looking better than yorks or timurs, just my opinion.
those b48 hi tops are an absolute classic. would buy them again if i wouldn't own them already.
what about those leather-boots? maybe just as winter-boots?
timurs, yorks or those?
grey ones look definitely better. don't like the elastic strap on the black suede... but still pretty good for 100 euros.
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