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I saw the Braddom 881z in Bloomingdales but didnt have a chance to try them on. The wash looks very good but not that crazy about the distressing. As for the cut i think its diesel rebranding the paddom cut (slim tapered with 4 back pockets) but no zipper pocket on the front. I have to try them on when i have a chance but they look good
The viker 71j arent that bad,  now if your wearing them with a shirt tucked in well thats not going to look good but im sure some people can pull it off.
Quote: Jadeite, you ripped me off, you sent me a pair of jeans, that you falsely advertised, and lied to me about, i shipped them back to you, as they were worn, washed immensely, etc. That is not considered robbing. YOU NEVER SENT ANYTHING!!! If you would have returned the Zatiny or sent the Safados we agreed to trade for i would have never posted anything. You never sent anything, that is considered robbing. If you could return the Zatinys i would...
Just stay away from any transactions from this fraud. He robbed me of a pair of Zatiny 72L in a trade and never heard back from him at all.
The 8YM wash seems like a slam dunk winner. If the backpockets on the safados are to flashy the pockets fot the Viker 8YM are more subdued.
NWT DIESEL SAFADO 8G2 RAW *GLOW IN THE DARK JEANS 30/32 - eBay (item 320444662857 end time Nov-11-09 08:33:43 PST) Here are some pictures of the Safados 8G2, they dont look bad. I had no idea this was a stretch wash
Diesel Online Store - Flash For Fun There online now, they dont look that bad and im more than sure someone could really pull of that look here. I'd be curious to try them on.
Congratulations on everything
The Zatiny look better but try different shoes.
How about the slammer 73j and the Poiak 8zb?
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