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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can provide me with some measurements for this shirt: True Religion Brand Jeans - Men's Plaid Western Shirt - Sherwood I can't seem to find this shirt anywhere in stores to actually try it out so I am looking to buy it online, but I'm not too sure on fit. All I know is that my chest is 32in and I'm 16.5 collar on dress shirts. All I want to know is this a slim fitting (I'm guessing and hoping it is) or is it a looser...
i was wondering, should I size up or down on these jeans? I'm regularly a 33w. thanks
yea if he can hook me up that will be awesome haha. unfortunately, the diesel store does not ship to Canada. hopefully, i'll find them somewhere.
hello Evil Sushi, thanks for your suggestions. I can see why 8UX are not loved as much. the 89s are like what i am after, although I would prefer 81E but I will look at trying to find 89s as well. I am just looking for black skinnies
Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone can direct me to a site/place/person to purchase a pair of thanaz 8IE in 33w. JJdenim use to be the place where I buy diesel jeans (I find online/ebay is a lot cheaper for me then buying them in stores even with exchange rates. PS I'm in Canada) but it seems like they are gone. They don't have to be brand new, if they are used I would prefer if they were in like-new condition. I've done some searching and it seems they...
Hello, I was wonder were are some good online places to buy Diesel jeans, other than eBay. I am having trouble finding pairs locally. Thanks
Hello, can some please check this for me? http://imagehost.vendio.com/preview/...RRCOSWHTE1.jpg http://imagehost.vendio.com/preview/...RRCOSWHTE4.jpg let me know if you need anymore pics. thakns
hey guys, i never tried on a pair of rocks with this material (60% cotton, 20% polyester, 20% elasterall-p) before and was wondering if anyone knew if it will strech out much and if it was a soft denim or harder one The name of the pair im interested is COSBIE REBEL LEATHER JEANS and here are some pics Auctiva Image Hosting thanks!
Hello, i was wondering if someone can check these for me please. NWT Rock & Republic Costello Scorch Jeans sz 24 New - (eBay.ca item 320215555627 end time 08-Feb-08 01:40:56 EST) and thank you so much
Hello, are there any washes/styles from 7fam that has the "7" pockets, such as the ones for women? Do all the mens jeans have the 'A' or the zig-zag? I really want a pair with '7' pockets lol.
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