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these have pockets distressing so probably not raws
@Weenie - it doesn't depend on me, they are making samples in this size only
sorry but all from S/S2013 I have are samples, so all in 32/32 or just 32 if inseam is not specified. I have total of 40 pairs from new season but no time to take all pics, will do it in next few days.
excess 80P (BG80P) to be exact), super soft denim and classic light wash, have it in nimis cut and wear a lot
guys, just noticed someone uploaded here my pics from ebay ;) just to make it clear - these kakee 883V are NOT from S/S 2013, I think it's F/W 11/12. I agree that they fit very similar to tepphar, also fabric on these in thin, soft and stretchy like on most tepphars I know.
definitely size up one for all juzicon jackets regardless denim stifness. Plus be ready it runs short
@TiagoMendes DBG SUPERBIA 80L
dsquared for sure
@Jeanteic     any ideas? look similar to UMT(D) but I was a bit far from Diors for last 2 years ;]
thanks a lot jeanetic. Just one more thing, jeans I plan to buy (0h31j0521600) are 19cm. I did the research and didn't find under my track drill in F19. Are these for sure UMTD? Seller uploaded crappy pics but it looks like UMTD indeed. Just not sure about this 19cm :/
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