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Quote: Originally Posted by FcBarcelona I tried Safado 8sv on and I liked the fit but Thanaz Poiak and Darron are better IMO. Are these made in italy? I think they look nice.
^^ how do these run?
I like wash 8zb, hope it will available on some other cuts as well.
Anyone got 'Dawn of an era' 19cm AW09? Are they darker than the SS09 version? They look pretty nice imo
^^ZathanZaf, could you please post the measures for your 27x30? Thanks!
Thanks for the info guys, I'll keep an eye if somebody gets a W28..
Can anyone clear out for me: are these more on the slim side below the knee or do they have the typical 20cm safado leg opening? Some customer service told me that all waist sizes of safado 8ym have 20cm in the leg opening but on Google Translate I see different leg opening sizes (more on the slim side); the Nordstrom site also states 'slightly tapered' (?!) Thanks!
this must be a new cut Jean DIESEL RIANG 8AO pour Homme - Kikietgalou.com
is this website legit? they have some pairs from s/s10 DIESEL - Kiki et Galou
Anyone knows if safado 8ym will be in europe diesel online store? I only see them in the us store for the moment..
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