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Saddock, how did you sized comparing to your safados?
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Thx the pics, Weenie, how do these run (small/large)?
it doesn't
oh I see, the wash is less acid on darron. thx!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stevie Got these but sending them back today. Even though I normally wear Safado I prefer the Darron version. You're saying that the wash looked better on Darron?
^^ 8IW
^ 8sv darron's from the eu online store were made in romania as well. they were as darkknight described.
Quote: Originally Posted by FcBarcelona I tried Safado 8sv on and I liked the fit but Thanaz Poiak and Darron are better IMO. Are these made in italy? I think they look nice.
^^ how do these run?
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