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Quote: Originally Posted by sh0ebox I saw those yesterday. Not bad the black is a bit shiny and the grey a bit dark but the white has potential the white one looks best but seems to be similar shiny
Quote: Originally Posted by C_Troy242 me in Griffith Park: http://forum.menslabel.de/gallery/12...10_37_20_1.jpg nice outfit, what's the white blouse?
Diesel | Diesel Thanaz 8L4 Skinny Jeans at ASOS
I'm looking 4 someone from europe to proxy 4 me a darron 8e7 size 27x32
Quote: Originally Posted by fromfrance Strange, i can wear size 27 in safado, but i cant go under size 29 for dior same here
Thanks for your opinions guys.. #2 is my fave too (I mean.. you can't go wrong with white trainers). I'm surprised nobody likes the PS trainers, I think their design is quite unique on the market right now. @sand: here's the link for the pumas PUMA BY RUDOLF DASSLER Strassenmeister Mid in Raven/Raven at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!
What do you guys think of these: Puma by Rudolf Dassler Strassenmeister Mid Swear Gene 18 Paul Smith Tahoe Off White Dip Dye Trainer I kinda like them all
vonWitzleben, are those DH "Dawn of an era"?
I like all the washes from these pictures, mostly the grey and the thanaz one
vonWitzleben: Griffith Park comes in 17.5cm too, code is 0E31J2221422
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