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Maybe he meant 18/18.5 ?!
Anybbody care to share the thigh/waist/back-rise measurements for their w28 MIJ (stretched or new)? I've searched around, but I'd like to get more info though.. Thanks!
anybody tried Shioner yet?
^^ they look more similar to GP in this picture
C_Troy, could you please post the measurements for BC? :)
I like 8L9 too; it's chemical but not too wild + it's quite unique on the market right now. I hope it will be on other slimmer cuts as well.
I don't know how thick Mondays Off are but Mulholland Drive are pretty thick, more suitable for cold season I'd say.
justmike, could you please share the measurements for those? you bought w28, right?
Check out the 17.5cm models on the Luisaviaroma that are fw2010 preview pre-order (the new jakes): sizes under 30 are already sold out :o
I remember seeing these on the diesel online store some months ago and they had w27. they were listed in the denim section.  
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