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Diesel black leather belt from AW2009 2-3 wearings - no sign of wear.   Measurements:   Total length, buckle -> end: 100,5cm Length buckle -> first hole: ~ 88cm Length buckle -> last hole: ~ 79cm Width: 34mm   I'm selling it for 55 Euros + 4%, shipping included, or best offer. I would prefer to ship inside the EU.
    nice detail I think    
found these pictures of 8pn, looks quite different from the diesel store http://www.jeansandfashion.com/en/shioner-8pn/g121/p260055/?ls  
it's a good fit; what wash is this?
Is it me or do the new cuts (Thavar, Tepphar, Shioner, Excess from Black Gold) have too big back pockets? What do you think?   + Could anyone do a comparison between thavar's and safado's back pockets size?
looking for shioner 8aa 27x32
OliverEggertsen, I have some darrons 88z w28xl32 with very few wears, I'll let you know if I'll decide to sell them (not very sure right now).
That was totally unexpected, what a nice surprise :D Thx DenimBlog!
Maybe he meant 18/18.5 ?!
Anybbody care to share the thigh/waist/back-rise measurements for their w28 MIJ (stretched or new)? I've searched around, but I'd like to get more info though.. Thanks!
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