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Hi, Does anyone have experience with Shioner 813S? My first time trying shioner, I wonder if this wash is going to strech or not, I'm kind of surprised how tight they are compared to thavars in the same size (w28). Btw, the wash is very nice, reminds me of some diors.  
Thanks, pryv75! Just the info I was looking for :)
Hi, Has anyone seen Thavar 807C and Thavar 808Z side by side? Is there any difference between them in the coloring? (apart from the 808Z's stripes obviously) Is 808Z a 807C with vertical & horizontal stripes? On the diesel online store the 807C appears to be a lighter blue/grey than the 808Z but I believe that is only because of different after effects applied to the photos.
Every EU country has its own rules regarding the start dates of the winter/summer sales periods. In some countries the sales period starts earlier than others..
What shioner is this? Thx!      
pryv75, how close to the real daylight color is the jean's color captured in these pictures below? Thx!
Hello,   I'm looking at the Diesel's online store images and this wash does look kinda shiny.. Also on other web shops' photos -same impression. I also have doubts on the contrasting color on the inseam stitching..   If anyone has them.. could you share your impression and/or a daylight photo of them?     Thanks!
Hello,   I'm selling this pair of Thanaz 27x32 in new without tags condition. I bought these from another member here but I never got used to the thanaz cut so these never saw any outside wearings from me.   Measurements for Thanaz 8SV 27x32   Waist aligned 39.5cm Front rise 25.5cm Thigh at crotch 26cm Hem 17cm   The price is (via Pay Pal)  110 Euro + 4% or 155 $ + 4%, shipping included. I would prefer to ship inside the EU.  
I'm selling this pair as they are too big for me. I wore them 3 times, they are like new. Not washed, no alterations, still has the original 3d creases on the laps area.   Measurements for Darron 88Z 28x32   Waist aligned 40cm Front rise 26cm Thigh at crotch 27.5cm Hem 18.5cm   The price is (via Pay Pal) 50€, shipping to anywhere included
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