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Fake IMO.
3089...long time no see HF
Unless these are a newer style, I'm not sure they are real. my hunch is fake rockers, but do you have any more pics? ETA: I've never seen a sig so high, and I can't recall a wash with distressing like that on the back pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tweetybird Those pics are very bad quality, do you have clearer pics or maybe a tag pic? The wash looks really bad on those pics but that could be the camera. As to the style, they could be high waisted New Amsterdam (NAM) bootcuts. I agree with Tweetybird, but if the seller is not responding, it's not worth the risk IMO
/\ Agreed, 1st pair is an older style - all three pairs are real imo
Definitely fake imo - wash and tags are all wrong
Wow...this sounds horrible, sorry to hear you are having problems with your sister and brother in law on top of what sounds like a terrible situation with your husband. If it weren't family, I'd say you should get a new lawyer to send a nastygram to the old lawyer...but it sounds like you'll just have to make the best of it for now because they ARE family. So sorry, I hope everything works out for you.
soooooo cute..i love boston terriers
Real imo
Perhaps some people seek higher education for the sake of the education, not for the salary. Is that such a foreign concept? I agree with arriarri - one of my biggest pet peeves, and what really gives lawyers a bad rep, is when all these assumptions are made that lawyers make craploads of money, and that lawyers only study or practice law for the money. I do agree that students should, to some extent, calculate all of these costs and benefits...but that doesn't mean...
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