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    Top: Tepphar 8y0, Thanaz 8ww, Thanaz 8sv, Thanaz 73j, Thanaz 8fc Mid: Thanaz 8c3, Thanaz 73v, Thanaz 8ie, Larkee 71j, Paddom 8bi Bot: Kander 8kw, 2 Diesel Trousers.   Sorry for the bad pic :D
That is also my problem. Just copy and insert it.
I tried those Shioner 8pn on and they are NEVER 270€ worth! I personally did not like them. Tepphar 8pk is a cool summer jeans but not everybody can wear them IMP and 220€ is also to much for them.
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I completly agree with memorex6 that was also my first impression when I tried them on. Normally I would say Thanaz but in this wash Poiak ist more skinny and felt better! So I would suggest you to buy the Poiak. I tried both in the same size (29x32) on but the Thanaz was much longer, bigger in waist and the leg opening was bigger.
Ja, leider nur ab W29. Ich bräuchte eigentlich auch W28. Ich war dort vor 2 Wochen da hatten die die Thanaz 8pi nicht. Bei Wormland gibts die auch aber leider auch erst ab W29.
Ja, genau.
In a Store called P&C in Cologne Germany ;) I forgot to do some pics but I will next time. There was also a new Krooley but I forgot the wash. It was blue like the wash 8pi with some specials on it. Not my cup of the but maybe some people like them.
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