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Quote: Originally Posted by apryl Happy anniversary, minika! You look lovely as always! I love the cognac boots with the yellow top; very pretty! Thanks hunnie! I miss you and your posts.
Quote: Originally Posted by xblroyal ^ you remind me of the dwarf's wife in bad santa. Had to google this one. Lauren Tom? Really?
Hi. Pics from this past Saturday. Anniversary weekend with the BF. Day Dinner
Thank you dolls. X's & O's.
Quote: Originally Posted by SunnySC Can't see, can't see!!! Arhrhrhrh!! Need to see VG!!! Fixed.
I feel like I haven't posted here in a while so here's my contribution for the month. I have a friend who's really into photography and wanted to use me as his "subject". This is from Sunday. I call this pic... "Ballerina on Acid".
Julz, congrats doll! That first pic is my fave.
Quote: Originally Posted by dee-oso Look, I fully support this Mod strike, but please, someone? ANYONE? We're not on strike. Some of us stepped down but still have Mod capabilities. I went ahead and deleted it. I don't care that you're back Pete but c'mon... was that picture really necessary? Don't push buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 What is your point with this post? To state the obvious or to complain that Pee is still here? I haven't seen you post any pics here lately (and I haven't bothered to search backwards either) but seems to me you just like to shoot off at the mouth. I think none of us stated what you did because we wanted Pee to stay, now because of your shooting of the mouth someone will make more note of him being back. Dude...
Good job Tony!
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