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thank u for u 2
Diesel Fall/Winter 2015___DENIM,SKIRT and DRESS            
Diesel Fall/Winter 2015___KNIT,SWEAT,SHIRT,TSHIRT        
Diesel Fall/Winter 2015___JACKETS and COATS        
IM UPLOAD A PICTURES FROM WOMEN COLLECTION HERE: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/234089/diesel-fall-winter-2015  
Diesel Fall/Winter 2015___BAGS    
 Diesel Fall/Winter 2015___SHOES  
a better picture the wash 669p.(model is a fayza) which according to the rebons will be the first joggjeans blueyecon​  
thank you but also without reviews,personal photos, informations, commentsalso nothing would be possible.We are a great community that helps each as he can.thank you
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