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811p also in dark blue.... blue icons 811p and 809v
shorts jogg jeans 600u
darron_krooley_safado 8qu more colours   iakop_safado 111d more colours   viker_safado 810w
thanaz/darron 811e   viker 810l   iakop 810n
shioner 600r dark grey   darron 811v   thanaz 812x
602m all the print is make with laser
tepphar 602m
Quote: Originally Posted by pryv75 By the way Dequinha do you still sell jeans ? Remember i bought some pairs from you Yves what you need doc? Tell me
why do not you get some picture instead of talking shit ..... is useless?use the imagination of your head and wait ...for sure when I get something I post here ok?
Later more pictures
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