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ok ok I just think you should have just put the photos. after all has a thread for sales and also a thread to ebay finds and it's true I did not see who had finished their sale!
please post in the right thread, to seel anything exits MARKETPLACE thank you !!!! @zdenal_cz 
luisa via roma
what I know .. is this same washing may be in the collection ss16. no washing is exclusive It can be launched in some countries this season and next in other countries, or simply they did in tepphar and sleenker and chose the thepphar and sleenker will never be released have jeans that are tested and are never released, the criteria I already do not know but I think not pass the quality control
look this ...this picture is ours..     http://www.3301gs.com/thread-288909-1-1.html
I talked to some people working, and they told me they did not know ifI would come in that collection, but it would have to come until August
It would be magnificent
hahahahahah another mistery.. maybe is possible... i think they made a few units of tepphar 846k and maybe and of season oe preview ss6 coming out.....or only realsy in few countries....anything is possible...
i think the sleenker 846k is urban legend.eheheh
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