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if wannt trade in something..look my things
dude i want tarde in something..look my products....thanks
yes .... it will be as limited edition ..... at least that's what my ISP told me ... it will come in three colors: red, blue and brown ... but I think I'll just get in red
so coming thanaz in turbo denim in red,blue and brown
why the tepphar in the back the yoke dont r straight?
i had..if u interting...150 euros    
sold Iphone 16 gb black...or best offers version 4.2.1 jailbreak 90 programs installed with plastic in the screen NEW PRICE!!!!!
**diesel shoes black 100 euros(new) 43 **diesel shoes red 60 euros 43 **diesel boots black 42 80 euros **diesel boots camel 42 60 euros **diesel shoes brown 42 60 euros **diesel nautics brown 43 5o euros **diesel white 40 euros 43 **diesel camel 40 euros 43 **puma white/red 30 euros 41 **zara boots 20 euros black 42  
***seminew **shioner 8n4 size 30x30(hand hammed) 100 euros with shipping **tazy 64v size 30x30(hand hammed) 90 euros with shipping **thanaz 17f 31 150 euros with the shipping or new offer and new prices!!!!!!! ** shioner 8n4 ** tazy 64v ** thanaz 17f all for 300 euros !!!! 3 jeans = 300 euros !!!!
New Posts  All Forums: