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27x30 28x30 sold for prvy75 29x30 30x32 31x32 32x32 33x32
I've thought about putting on ebay, it happens that I do not want to pay any commission .. because if I put on ebay the price will be 300 euros.
 I have a local supplier
  i have
dude i have thanaz 8pi too
 what sixe u need? i have 28x30 29x30 30x32 31x32 32x32
tepphar 8pk and thanaz 74k awesomeeeeeee....i try and i buy...hahhahaah
I've seen the thanaz .74k .is awesome very very hard as the washed 8x9 8y9 (last season) and the indicated colors are sewn together with colored lines ..with 3d evolution
tepphar,thavar and thanaz the best fits...
thanaz (8pi) is a royal blue, with flames and stitching in beige / orange with the same design but the back pocket like the zathan
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