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thanaz_8qq 28x30 thanaz_8qp 28x30 thavar_880m 28x30 sold for pryv75 thavar_880m 27x30 tepphar_881w 27x30 sold for diesel1021 thanaz_8qq 29x32 krooley_8qu(green) 29 sold for diesel1976
wree i found wahses¿  
what size u need?...210 euros..if u r interting    
dude...is the same wash.....  
the shioner r 240 euros  
i have this in the moment to sell fall/winter 2011:(prices for pm) thanaz 880f 8qp 8qq thavar 880g 8ql 880m 8x2 8w7 shioner 880w 8w7 tepphar 8qs 880k 880r 881w and krooley in green and shioner in beige
you can try ... actually do not know if freezing can delay the processI just saw on krooley and larkee this season. i have in krooley 150 euros if u want.    
.. if you do not know is that this has already been used in washing nudie jeans ... and there was a contest, who left the coolest jeans.I still have not washed mine and I will not even wash.why the enzyme stops working after 78 days.  
I have in my size to wash (8y9) he is the most skinny, so if you have a lot of you will note a tight calf. but in the wash (8pk) I have a size less.  
no I have not, would be for the dsquared end of the year because it has some research that I have to finish ... I always saw through paypal and do not stop sending ... only if you live far away.
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