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thavar grey turbo denim shioner black turbo denim
i have in poiak..much better
the best is the jeans that transmits happiness. that only comes in preview but only iakop or braddom!
because is grey in thavar and black on shioner
the thavar turbo thre no a lenght,...
thanaz 882h___210 euros     thavar 882s turbodenim 140 euros thanaz 73n___150 euros tepphar 73t__230 euros thavar 884c__150 euros shioner black turbo denim__140 euros shioner evergreen___160euros  
yhe jogging jeans only in tepphar and krooley
ok .. then the private messages I have saved is a lie too?  
is ... and here is my addi-thanaz you never sent and still got my jeans 3 .. I still hope to send you ... do not worry I have your name and your old endereço.quem I know there appear  
yessss the same  
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