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but to agree but the brand has always been important but as for examples the jeans of famous brands can someone buyand not all higher brands use the best materials because they know that go buy. I know that the diesel invests it, investigates and have jeans that not out because the market is no more than a quality control
but it is every company not only diesel and who find it very expensive as I said has several other options. the fact that people like to see the label DIESEL
Diesel say pioneered the joggjeans, after having made a release that not had much success so she focused in this collection.when he began to have success what happened? several brands of fast fashion and smaller copied.then diesel had your problem joggjeans was better but more expensive than other brands.when diesel decided to make the leap to a higher level in your publish it rather than lower the price invested in this expanding audience colors, mix materials,washes and...
THAVAR 607A        BELTHER 667N        SLEENKER-A    
SPENDER-NE 608V      KROOLEY-NE 666P    NARROT-NE 830Q     
DARRON 842H 8QU(BLACK)            
SAFADO 842K 843R 666P               
THAVAR 842B          IAKOP 831Q      BUSTER 842U        BUSTER 76B          KRAYVER 666Q        TEPPHAR 667R        KRAYVER 843L        SAFADO 842P     
I think are two different. same washing and 2 different shades.I remember I had a tephar and darron so each had 3 different tones for the same wash.
more what?
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