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imo 838v...it is time to launch a new tepphar blueicon
the grey tepphar is cool
Anyone know if this spender will leave without being joggjeans?
guys I think the models change by several factors:   1 fashion changes. 2 sales a particular model. 3 if a model does not work they take and put another fuse or 2 models that go out. 4 renewal   I remember a model that was the 8AT larkee ..the washing was the best seller for years but one season to another they took. because this washed gained a new version upgrade
i couldnt post or answered using tapatalk!!! There is another app??
I have over 80 pairs of jeans and honestly I only wash those I've had enough or no longer taste.when I use a very or will at a party where people smoke a lot I hang out for some air.you can also try to dry clean
this model have a stretch?
   sleenker 662i awesomeeee!
The top is like jeans!!
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