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You can create the illusion of more activity if you remove or condense sections with little to no activity.
Go for a brown pair with a more rounded toe if you want it more casual.
I would go with a size 2 in the PBJs, or 1 if you want it tight. Japanese brands tend to be a lot less forgiving.
Sadly, the quality has decreased significantly.
I think it is more about people getting over designer denim. A lot of people may have been denim obsessed before, but not quite anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the new mall also.
It's kind of funny because out of all the male street fashion forums I've been too, it has been skinny jeans and skinny shirts (not so much deep v-necks because those are so 2007...mmm right?).
Why are you not automatically banning said pussies?
I don't think we need a whole section dedicated to footwear since really all it needs is a single thread for questions, which it already has.
I'd just like to point out that some of the largest forums are filled with assholes that make HF seem (and really it is) tame.
Sell them through other online venues.
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