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The promo is over and is now 10% off for ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by gianni_boy ........and to avoid jsidder ripping people apart........lol .
poast ur perfact fit boyz.
I think that too tight is when they are uncomfortable so you end up not wearing them. I kind of based my guess off the measurements off some sort of SSK nudie. Looking over the responses, I would go for a size 2 as I suggested earlier, and not go for the size 1. Size 3 to be on the safe side, because as I said earlier, they are really not forgiving for "non Asian" figures.
Okay, then the triple (or was it quadruple?) yoke jeans seem to have different rivets unless I am seeing things, which is possible.
What a let down this must have been for NFJ. I am sure he had his hopes up.
Hey does KVA use different rivets also?
The 08 KVA clawmarks on Diabro have a clasp.
The ones on ebay look fake because the those are 08s/s and the tag is 07s/s. As mentioned already, the leather tag looks fake (too thick), and should be stitched on with the same colour stitching as the rest of the jean. Not to mention like jskids already said that the yoke is so fucking nasty ugly.
Just to mention, TTS means nothing unless you are talking about your actual measurements, and not the size you wear in a certain brand.
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