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Just to not follow the bandwagon of hate, I like that I haven't seen any visible branding on the clothing.
Pictures from my somewhat recent trip to Mexico:
I hope I am not the only one here that has no idea what anyone is talking about.
Or you might get mad crotch fadez.
I wait until I see some contrast fades.
Lindas are sanforized, so you will only get noticable shrinkage in the length, while the rest will stretch back out. 5010xx is a men's cut that is quite tight in the waist/upper area.
Quote: Originally Posted by Levislad Tee you should post your Trouleg pix in "perfect fit"...they are hot!! .
They are suppose to pay the delivery guy I guess. Then you get the money from UPS or whatever.
It looks like they're turning green. Time to wash the mold out of them.
I am Canadian, so it won't work for me. This is just from what I have read though, which seems to be true.
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