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This is the reason why HF is a ghost town.
I would take pictures of said activity and post them on the internet. Good job!
Nothing like a pot thread to drag out all the hippies.
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 But what will Tsukasa do with all of his slim-fitting, Japanese denim?
The indigo raws have white pocket bags, and the black have black ones right?
I don't like the claw marks. They kind of look off or something. The wax coated blue jeans are nice, but not in a way that is wearable.
I'm sure you can still give it a gentle hand wash without having problems with the coating coming off. I think it would be kind of disgusting to NEVER wash your clothes ever.
Maybe pictures of your kids are best saved for PMs to forum friends instead of the whole world.
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 Both bands suck. n/t
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