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b-but... shes a fucking professional!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave here was your request. to either edit or give an infraction. the bottom line is that its impossible to make everybody happy. some people will want us to edit stuff. and other people will go apeshit if we edit even the littlest stuff. the other bottom line is that people do get hurt when people write mean stuff about them on the internet. and we have to draw the line somewhere. we will continue to edit and lock stuff like...
Quote: Originally Posted by kray oh yeah forgot to mention MvC2 and CvS2 i guess youre black?
while it does look better than the typical person around here, it does look like something straight out of the gap (it is)
i dont see how difficult it is to ban someone since you have been banning the same couple people 100 times over already. the editing part is optional really
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar ucla is such a [great school] .
well in all actuality it would be edited followed by a warning followed by temp bans followed by a permanent ban if the behaviour persists
first of all mods should not be moving or deleting things at people's request
most of the time it isnt the word itself but the context of it. there are some words that i use elsewhere that i wont use here even though it isnt in a hateful manner just because i know that the culture of this board deems it unacceptable
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