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Please don't argue on the internet Please try to avoid flamebait topics such as:Politics Race issues Abortion Atheism Capital punishment Gun control Legalization of drugs
who cares
no and this thread sucks
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae ^First Mistake... Using VISTA you obviously dont know what you are talking about
Quote: Originally Posted by anthony In the case you cant refund because of the tag, you can buy a tag gun dirt cheap on ebay. And btw, in the future, dont cut the tag, you can work the plastic tag piece through what ever material it was originally put through true asian
protip: your moderation log should not read like a poorly written blog
if your goal was to have a forum where the majority of topics and activity were about how shitty this forum is, you have succeeded
this forum doesnt need a [figure]head mod let alone 10 or whatever mods
fixed: -----------------THE LINE----------------- Not over the line. making funny jokes this thread with this guy who takes pictues of himself in his boxers cussing talking about sex (pg-13) making fun of people and really hurting them making fun of that guys nose that girl/car post making fun of Lorna the C word talking graphically abut sex (x-rated) photoshopping pictures of people (especially when they pm you that they want them taken down)
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave ok, let the voting begin! 0/5
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