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Hmm Tepphar 68z on Cultizm look not so good and for 285€ i`m disappointed   Shioner 74Y look good, but i need length 34
Larkee-T is a tapered cut similar to darron
Larkee-T 68Z
886A Black Fading Darron/ Tepphar 68Z Brown Wrinkles Larkee-T / Tepphar 74Y Blue Resin Shioner / Larkee 886B Black Drumming Thavar 886P Blue Bakery Krooley / Safado 887D Brown Bone Braddom
you mean 68Z !   wash 68Z comes for Larkee-T and Tepphar  
I wear size 32 in Diesel and bought the DBG "Pantiscot" in Size 48!   The brown Pantiscot looks darker in real
was haste bezahlt?
this picture shows 888R in Safado 888P in Thavar
kann das garnicht glauben, das Diesel so früh die Sommerkollektion raushaut
I think Shioner 74Y look better, i waiting for 74Y, too
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