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new jogg jeans      Krooley -N.E 800D http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/36293485AJ/mm/125/agerange/Adult/mm/125   Krooley -N.E 800B http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/36293484GI/mm/125/agerange/Adult/mm/125
Here, can you see the complete Fashion Show   http://www.gq-magazin.de/mode-stil/modenschauen/herbst-2012/mailand/diesel-black-gold
  Thavar 884S Thavar 880M Thavar 8X2 Thavar 886B   Thanaz 74K   Shioner 74Y   Safado 882B Safado 880W Safado 8YM Safado 74F   Krooley 880W Krooley 8YM Krooley 8N1 Krooley 8X9 Krooley 8NJ   Viker 8I9   Viker -R Box 8T5 Viker -R Box 8Y0   Darron 8WW Darron 880R Darron 8X8     Wishlist:   Thavar 888P Thavar 8NE Krooley 886P Safado 888R  
On my Wishlist     and these, too   Rombee XT 887V   for High Quality : http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/SS12/Male/Denim/Still_Life/ROMBEE%20XT%20887V.jpg      
  I like those Thanaz   i think it looks perfect with sailer shoe and light blue or white shirt  
  go with Safado 8AA look really good and sell thanaz 8V9 wash is ugly
"Closed" has the best Chinos   http://www.closed.com/en/home/
888P and 888R are definitly on my wishlist
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