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I want Safado 8L9 and Darron 8K2, now
Poiak 8N4 Jeans Jeans-Poiak-008N4? Koolter 88z Jeans Jeans-Koolter-0088Z? Poiak 8B2 Jeans Poiak-008B2_stretch? Mennit 8B9 Jeans Jeans Mennit-008B9?
Quote: Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 ^Weenie ah... but googl's lank win based on ASOS's info... which is correct? maybe diesel's Diesel Craft Rebel / Accessories     thx           I think the pictures on Asos is an mistake Krooley 8ZZ: Diesel | Diesel Krooley 88Z Slim Jeans at ASOS Krooley 8N1: (the wrong 8N1) ?!? Diesel | Diesel Blue Icons Krooley 8N1 Jeans at ASOS maybe the same
@Sand Krooley 8N1 is an other one this is definitely 8zz Diesel Craft Rebel / Accessories Krooley 8N1 Krooley 8N1
8K9 is low budget Jeans with cheap wash for everyone
great fit saddock, I Like the wash, hope i find this too
Shioner 8N4 Diesel | Diesel Shioner 8N4 Skinny Jeans at ASOS Zathan 8K9 Diesel | Diesel Zathan 8K9 Boot Cut Jeans at ASOS Viker 8K9 Diesel | Diesel Viker 8K9 Straight Jeans at ASOS
8L9 is my favorit hope safado comes in 8L4,too
i like them
oh man! this coming season are very expensive for me
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