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does anybody knows where i find this Thavar 802K antrazit ?  
Shioner 805A is on the List
Krooley 805P http://www.store.diesel.co.jp/DIESEL/detail/tskay/7BE7302B/cod10/42255719QE/mm/125/agerange/Adult/mm/125
 price ?
I hope 804K will be in Thavar, too
Krooley 801N for 230€ in a local store :-)
New Cut  Bravefort 801M  http://www.store.diesel.co.jp/DIESEL/detail/tskay/7BE7302B/cod10/42255811WS/mm/125/agerange/Adult/mm/125
Krooley Jogg Jeans 74Y  240€           
Safado 801C http://www.7trends.de/diesel-safado-regular-jeans-in-mittelblau.html   Iakop 801B http://www.nik-fashion.de/index.php?s=3&cat_id=593_Straight&artikel=21043_DIESEL+Jeans+IAKOP+dirty+used&AllSubCat=4796&Search_Brand=DI&ref=518
haben die eine Internetadresse ?? Ich suche nämlich eine in 32/34 :-)
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