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Diesel website! I posted the old pics 4 days ago, and the new pics are yesterday online! when you click at the link, comes the new photos, the old pics are delete from diesel
hmm that is interesting, thank you for the info
New photo… shows the wash better
New photo! The wash looks much better…compared to the old photo, a complete other jeans
New photo shows a hole over the knee these hole kills the pair for me
Thavar 834A blue eyecon online only! http://shop.diesel.com/thavar-0834a/00CKS10834A.html?dwvar_00CKS10834A_color=01#.U9JuVWIayK0
Which Cut?
Thavar 834F http://store.diesel.com/de/jeans_cod36539691qu.html
+1 phukette
The denim is tick ! I find it is a very good quality! The color is same like 71J
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