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 look at Yoox the have many from the past season....   i bought this http://www.yoox.com/de/44496824NC/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44496824NC&sizeId=
what color do you search?
i have bought this   http://www.yoox.com/de/44496824NC/item?dept=shoesmen#sts=sr_shoesmen80&cod10=44496824NC&sizeId=
when you carry them like a normally jeans, you should pick the next higher Length
i am with you Phukette! Every time is it like christmas ;-)
      but all those are Narrots, and Narrot is a 7/8 fit, you should be wear it so! i personally dont like Narrots from the backside, with the deep pockets and long rise! should diesel make a slim straight 7/8, i would wear it for summer
nothing spectacular, but i personally like it.    Much chinos which i carry  in the summer myself, but not chinos from Diesel.... and nice Colors... but i want definitely this camouflage scarf   for everyone they only carry jeans and leather jackets, will be disappointed ;-)
many diesel jeans cost much money, ok! but every can decide, for what he spend the money! I not drink , i not smoke, i work hard and i like Diesel Jeans and special washes.  i bought not every wash but when i like them, i pay also the full price
every bleats about Thavar 811P, Darron 809V or any other washes ....and when they in few Months sold out.... then you can read here post about: Where i can get size "bla bla" ?? Search size "bla bla" where i can get, any idea ? so every season and collection ......    and i promise you, they fast sold out......
........perhaps not for you......
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