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i order it from asos it shows a wrong Picture....... but i hope it is the correct jeans   http://www.asos.de/Diesel/Diesel-Darron-880R-Tapered-Jeans/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1580740&SearchRedirect=true&SearchQuery=darron%20%20880r   when its arrived i give feedback
Where i can find the Darron 880R?? I know diesel online store US have it, but i can not buy there
Safado ???           KROOLEY 884W Jogg Jeans     Safado 882B  
Diesel FW 2011 Denim Guide http://www.diesel.co.jp/denim/fw11/detail.php?denimguide=male   Diesel FW 2011 Denim Catalogue http://www.diesel.co.jp/denim/fw11/detail.php?catalogue=male
 I hope it comes for european ,too
Wow 880R looks amazing   Darron 880R http://www.denimnshop.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?&goodsno=1087&category=032
how is the length from DBG Jeans? i need L34
I like the dark wash hope it comes for Safado or Thavar cut, but 320€
  no! it not Kakee   it ist Pant CHI BLADO-B http://www.diesel.com/collections/diesel/collection/00CNKO0019M/kp     the name of the jacket is JUZICON  
Safado 8YM is one of the best Safado washes
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