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ok then sorry!.... but at first view it look like a fake diesel
sure that is a original Diesel Koolter 8Y9?    ..........i know the 8y9 is a turbo denim and every Jeans has in the age his own style, but not so
Safado 817H http://store.diesel.com/us/straight_cod36428313ls.html                   hope Shioner 817H comes for the european marketplace :P
Excellent! Let me know, if you get 817h! but become you also length 34? or only 30 32? greet
very nice @dieselolic
Shioner 817H 32x34 ? Darron 803W 32x34 ? Diesel Black Gold Excess 8ML W32 ?
@dieselolic  excellent fit, as always
@phukette which color of 818v have you bought ? Pics would be great :-)
i would say 1 size up
excellent @dieselolic
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