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Phukette has them, he written a short review...   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/195272/safado-804k-iakop-801b-shioner-880w-and-some-allsaints-stuff
then we have no deal :-( , but you should order more different size... the waist is right ;-)
You are the seller?! I want a darron 809V in W32 L34 postmail me
Kakee is a "skinny Krooley"
Is 810X Cord or Cord-look?  there are at thavar a uniform length or different?
17 cm
basis wash for 809V is 8X2   look:   rips paint splatters are similar        
Kakee 883V            
another blue eyecon   it look like a dark 8X2, very nice   Darron 809V        
same here
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