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Sleenker 843Q real pics i am not the big writer, my english is not the best.... but i can say: the material is similar like jogg jeans, very comfy, they run tight, nice color .... i find those 2 faces looks very sharp on these wash, i like them...😎👍 ......fit pictures tomorrow
i ordered sleenker 843Q, i hope they is so dark how these picture and the cut fit me well, i never tried sleenker .....
i don't see them any more...
The Threads from the"Guru" 😁?
Thx 👍
well, this is tepphar ! it look identical like 831U, possible the wash comes in tepphar or it is a completly other wash!
This is Thavar 831U from FW 2014 😃 http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/199785/diesel-fall-winter-2014-fw14
I like these....anybody know the washcode? I think it is krooley ne
hello my friends,i am bot sure, but i think these picture ( posted few weeks ago from rebons) shows the blue eyecons for this season... in the front sleenker 846k, the other both n/a ....the Jeans in the middle has a nice blue tone like 811P
I keep my eyes on sleenker 846K 😍 Thx for share
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