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Narrot joggjeans 665r http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/5370684/?did=
Thavar joggjeans 664x http://store.diesel.com/de/skinny_cod36602223sm.html
Belther 840x Blue Eyecons http://store.diesel.com/de/tapered_cod36602208pk.html
I really like it Aahz, nice combi 😃👍
Krayver 840V Blue Eyecons http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/5370691/?did=
Thavar 838j http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/5051317/?did=
Safado 665k http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/5370676/?did=
Tepphar 840R http://shop.diesel.com/tepphar-0840r/00CKRI0840R.html?dwvar_00CKRI0840R_color=100#.VLP_FIHGKrU
i hope these wash comes in a skinny cut, i think in real life looks the wash much better, i can see at from the pictures from phukettewhen not i give safado a new chance 😃
Thavar 837z http://store.diesel.com/de/skinny_cod36602030aa.html
New Posts  All Forums: